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Summer Beginner Series: July 10 – August 2

We welcome all newcomers to join us for for a one-month Aikido introduction series. This series will focus on the fundamental teachings and techniques of Aikido to ensure that all participants start their journey with a solid footing.

Classes are mixed youth and adults providing a unique opportunity for adults and youth to train together. Ages 12 and up. No prior experience necessary. Students must come to one or more classes each week.

The Summer introductory series runs from July 10 – August 2, 2012.
Class times: Tue, & Thurs 5:30-6:45 pm
Location: The Blue Heron dojo at the Municipal Gym.
Fee: $50

After the conclusion of the one-month beginner series entrants may continue training with the dojo for the rest of the summer session for an additional $50 fee. (Regular membership fees are $140 per session, 3 sessions per year: Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter).

While students are welcome to wear a white keikogi, no special clothes or equipment are needed. Loose-fitting or stretchy athletic pants (sweatpants or similar) and a tee shirt are fine.

For more information email or call Jonathan Miller-Lane 443-3459

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