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Watching Class

Observers are always welcome during our classes. We place a high value on the warmth and welcoming atmosphere at Blue Heron Aikido. If you are a student and notice someone unfamiliar on the bench it is appreciated if you greet them and see if you can answer any questions. Typically this should be done by a student who is a brown or black belt. If no brown or black belt students are available, any other student may take the initiative.

Visitors Who Train

If the visitor is an Aikido practitioner you have not met before, introduce yourself, acquaint them with the dojo and make sure they speak with the instructor before class begins. There is a $15 mat fee for one-time visitors. Mat fees can be paid with cash or a check made out to the Town of Middlebury.

Liability/Registration Forms

It is especially important that all training visitors complete a Middlebury Parks and Recreation registration Form before getting on the mat. Ideally, you should compete this form and pay your registration fees to Bruce Paquin or Tom Anderson at the Parks and Recreation Office. You need to fill out a new form at the start of each season’s session.

“Don’t concentrate on technique. Work on opening your heart instead. Aikido is heart to heart transmission.”

Motomichi Anno Sensei, Shingu Japan.
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