Chief Instructor:

Linda White, nidan. Professor Linda White started practicing aikido in 1982 in Tokyo first with Barbara Summerhawk a student of Hikitsuchi Sensei and Kobayashi Sensei, and then at Gessoji Dojo with Tada Sensei. Linda took her shodan in 1989 at Gessoji and continues to practice there whenever she is in Japan. Linda lived and trained in New York and Boulder before moving to Middlebury where she is an Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies at Middlebury College. In that role, Linda teaches anthropology and gender studies with a focus on Japan.

Assistant Instructors:

Adam Franco, nidan. Following a brief introduction to Aikido abroad in 2000, Adam began training at Blue Heron under Jonathan Miller-Lane in July 2005.
Corey Selover, nidan. Corey is currently serving as the board president of Blue Heron Aikido. A teacher at the Red Cedar School, Corey (along with Jeff) started the Blue Heron Aikido’s Children’s and Teens Programs.


The founder of Blue Heron Aikido,
Jonathan Miller-Lane

Jonathan Miller-Lane, Ph.D. is the founder of Blue Heron Aikido and an Associate Professor of Education at Middlebury College. He holds the rank of sandan earned in 2011 at Two Cranes Aikido in Seattle under the inspired leadership of Kimberly Richardson Sensei, 6th dan. Jonathan began teaching in Middlebury, Vermont in January 2004 as there was no dojo in the town and he was searching for people with whom to train. After a year of using mats on the basketball courts, the town of Middlebury agreed to allow ground floor space to be dedicated as a dojo. The first renovation took place in the summer of 2005. After a year of training and further growth, the ground floor space was further transformed into a clean, bright dojo thanks to the extraordinary dedication of each and every member of Blue Heron Aikido and the financial support of the town of Middlebury.
Jeff Stauch Jeffrey Stauch, nidan. Jeffrey began training in Aikido in 2003 under Guy Lorenzi Sensei in Paris, France. In 2005, he continued his training under Kagan Arik Sensei in Chicago, in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Ki Society Aikido). Jeffrey began training at Blue Heron Aikido in 2007 and received his shodan from Blue Heron Aikido in April 2012, and nidan in 2016. Jeffrey received the rank of shodan in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido in April 2013. Jeffrey, with the help of fellow Blue Heron aikidoka Corey Selover, shodan, started the Blue Heron Aikido’s Children’s Program.
Holly Weir Holly Weir, nidan. Holly began training in 1998 at Vermont Aikido in Burlington, Vermont under Ken Nisson, Sensei and Aaron Ward, Sensei. For several years, starting around 2006, Holly remained a member of Vermont Aikido but began training and teaching occasionally at Blue Heron. She received her shodan from Blue Heron Aikido in April 2010, nidan in March 2014, and now trains full time at Blue Heron while visiting Vermont Aikido when her schedule allows. Holly’s shodan demonstration in April 2010 provide the opportunity for three dojo-chos to come together in celebration: Aaron Ward Sensei of Vermont Aikido in Burlington, VT; Don Hebert Sensei of River Valley Aikido in Bratteboro, VT; and Kimberly Richardson Sensei, 6th dan from Two Cranes Aikido, Seatle WA. The spirit of the late Terry Dobson Sensei was felt by everyone. The technical aspects of the techniques and the Aiki spirit in which they were performed were shaped by the teachings of Saotome Sensei, shihan and Mary Heiny Sensei, 7th dan.

When one understands the working of spiral energy and trains oneself in the truth of the spirit, Aiki is created.

Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei

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