Go, Team Dojo!

Thanks to everyone who participated in making our first community service project a great success! We spent three hours (twice as much as originally advertised) on the first warmest day of the season participating in Green Up Vermont as a dojo. It was fun! Special thanks to Holly, Adam, and John for moving us around with the three-car system. And, a big, gigantic, enormous thanks goes to sweet John for providing food and drinks, gloves, trash spears, and an alternate route in Weybridge for us to cover.

121/365: Earth Misogi

Here are the vital stats for our (imaginary) dojo archives:

Green Up Vermont
May 1, 2010, 2 to 5 p.m.

  • 10 people + 1 dog
  • cleaned up 2.2 miles of Route 23/Weybridge Road from Drake Road to the Lemon Fair
  • common things found: glass and plastic bottles, aluminum cans, plastic sheets and broken bits, plywood
  • “best” finds: bottom shell of a vacuum cleaner, battery charger, large tail light

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